Home News Woman kills herself in her car at the edge of Niagara Falls

Woman kills herself in her car at the edge of Niagara Falls


A woman in her sixties was found dead Wednesday, in her vehicle which fell in the Niagara River, on the border between the United States and Canada, a few meters from the famous falls.

The car was reported to be in the river around noon, and witnesses told authorities they saw someone inside. New York State Police deployed an impressive rescue operation to rescue the driver from inside the vehicle, which was almost submerged in water.

“Due to the area where the vehicle was located, our whitewater response team was unable to retrieve it,” Mr. Rola, the local police chief, told NBC News. Unfavorable meteorological conditions, with wind, snow, and strong water currents, effectively prevented the smooth running of the operation. Police therefore had to call in the Great Lakes Coast Guard and use drones and a helicopter to continue the rescue.

They finally managed to hoist the body of this woman in her sixties, whose identity has not been communicated, to the shore.

An investigation is underway to determine how this woman may have fallen in Niagara with her car.