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Here’s how to tell if your cat is a psychopath, study finds


Whether they are babies or old tomcoms constantly lying on the couch, long haired or short haired, cats are known to have times of craziness. But what about yours? Is he just whimsical or on the contrary a real psychopath? To determine this, John Moores University in Liverpool (United Kingdom) published a dedicated study.

Thanks to an online questionnaire (available here), based on an algorithm endowed with precise characteristics, you will be able to know if your feline has a small grain or if it is a real unbalanced one.

But beware, psychopath is a term that does not suit all hairballs.

This personality disorder can indeed reveal violent attitudes, moments of absence or even egotistical behavior.

However, if cats are not all dangerous madmen, initial scientific research still tends to prove that all felines “would be likely to have at least an element of psychopathy in their behavior”.

Based on this observation, researchers from John Moores University have therefore drawn up a very precise questionnaire, in order to establish whether the behavior of his cat can be managed alone or on the contrary require real care.

46 questions

In this test, the owner of the feline will, for example, have to answer questions such as: is my cat tormenting its prey rather than killing it right away? Does he show sudden mood swings? Does he enjoy caresses?

One of the main researchers behind the study, Rebecca Evans explained that this test would also help research and also veterinarians, in the follow-up of their patients with sharp eyes.

The relationship with humans is also decisive in the behavior of the cat. Abandonment and mistreatment in the first months can lead in particular to an increase in the aggressiveness of the animal thereafter.