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Auto – The Opel Astra generation Stellantis


Stellantis, the automotive giant resulting from the merger between the French and Italian-American PSA and FCA, has announced record profits for 2021. This profitability stems directly from the industrial synergies that such a global group is able to achieve, such as the illustrates the new Opel Astra well. Acquired by PSA in 2017, the German brand with the lightning-shaped crest has since been fully integrated into Stellantis. And if the Astra leaves the historic Opel factory in Rüsselsheim, it shares its assembly line there with the DS4, which, like it, was developed on a platform released a few months earlier by the Peugeot 308… built in Mulhouse. It is as much for Stellantis to optimize the occupancy rate of its factories as to share its investments on the greatest possible number of models.

In terms of style, the Astra is engulfed in the wake of the Mokka, from which it takes up the lacquered black “vizor” grille and the parallelepiped shape of the headlamps. The latter can incorporate up to 84 light-emitting diodes allowing the so-called “pixel light” function which allows the headlights to stay on at night, the diodes risking dazzling other motorists then being selectively switched off, in real time.

On board, a classic driving position, AGR seats and room for two big ones in the back.

Firmer and well soundproofed. The dimensions of the Astra (L x W x H: 4.37 x 1.86 x 1.47 m) like its mechanical range are very close to those of the Peugeot 308 with petrol and diesel blocks ranging from 110 to 130 hp, a 180 hp plug-in hybrid powertrain (soon to be available in 225 hp), and a 100% electric version shortly.

However, nothing suggests the slightest relationship between the two cars by settling on board. The Astra, for example, retains classic driving position ergonomics, with a large three-spoke steering wheel, through which it is very easy to read a 10-inch diagonal digital instrument block without a cap, but extended towards the center. of the dashboard by another screen of the same size, touchscreen this one. The seats labeled AGR (German association for back health) guarantee good support, while the rear habitability is sufficient to comfortably accommodate two large adults. The 422-litre trunk (352 in the hybrid version) is a little less bulky than that of the 308.

Firmer than its French cousin to favor stability, the Astra is very pleasant to drive, and very well soundproofed thanks to the adoption of laminated front side windows from the Elegance trim level, which proves to be appreciable for the plug-in hybrid version with an electric range of 60 km. His price ? From 25,050 to 43,700 euros depending on the version§

Thorsten Weigl – Axel Wierdemann