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Chile: all you need to know about Gabriel Boric, the new president


Gabriel Boric was elected President of the Republic of Chile at just 35 years old this Sunday, December 19, 2021.

Coming from a Croatian family who immigrated to Chile at the end of the 19th century, Gabriel Boric became involved in the political struggle right from his studies. In 2011, he became one of the emblematic figures of the student demonstrations that erupted in the country. Elected president of the Federation of Students of the University of Chile (FECH), he is the spokesperson for the movement which calls for a total reform of the Chilean education system, which has become more than 75% private under Pinochet.

The law student stood for the legislative elections of 2014 under the banner of the Party of Social Convergence and was elected at the age of 28. He then joined the Front Large coalition, bringing together leftist movements and parties, where he would continue to support movements wishing to end Augusto Pinochet’s legacy. He will support in particular the big demonstrations of 2019-2020 which demand the change of the Constitution established by the dictator and considered too unequal.

Gabriel Boric wants to turn the page Pinochet

Gabriel Boric is therefore part of a new generation of politicians who want to turn the page on the Pinochet area and overhaul the country’s social system. With this in mind, he is running for the primary of the left in 2021 at just 35 years old, the minimum age to be able to run for the presidential mandate. With the support of the Front Large, Gabriel Boric won the primary against the candidate of the Chilean Communist Party.

His project for Chile: to completely reform the country’s social system. He wishes, as he declared during a meeting, “more social rights”, “while remaining fiscally responsible”. Among the reforms desired by Gabriel Boric, the reduction of the week to 40 hours, the increase in the minimum wage or the replacement of the current private pension plan by a public plan.

Sunday, December 19, Gabriel Boric is elected President of the Republic of Chile, with 55.87% of the vote against the right-wing candidate José Antonio Kast. His term of office, which will begin on March 11, and should last four years.