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Germany: the Minister of Health threatened with kidnapping by antivax


Following the dismantling of an anti-vax network by the police, the German Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach, learned that he was the target of attacks and a kidnapping project. He himself formalized the information this Thursday, April 14.

According to him, these four far-right antivax extremists were “very dangerous”.

They were part of the movement of opponents of the rules relating to Covid-19 and premeditated “violent attacks” in Germany and the kidnappings of “public figures”, including the minister.

This “shows not only that the protests against the anti-Covid rules have become radicalized, (…) but that in the meantime they are attempts to destabilize the state”, he reacted during a a press briefing.

A Black_out

The suspects, arrested the day before during several searches, had planned in particular to attack the electricity networks to cause “a long-lasting power outage throughout the territory”, which would have, in their minds, created the conditions for a ‘civil war’.

Authorities had been investigating the group, their founders and supporters in several parts of the country since October 2021. During Wednesday’s dragnet, they notably seized firearms and ammunition, gold bars and silver coins, currencies worth more than 10,000 euros.

Mobile phones, fake Covid-19 vaccination certificates, and several documents written on their plans to overthrow the state were also found.