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New York subway shooting: suspect arrested


At least 23 people were injured in the New York subway shooting in Brooklyn. A suspect was arrested on Wednesday and will be prosecuted for “terrorist attack”.

New York police had shared photos of the suspect, identified as 62-year-old Frank James, on their social media.

According to information from American media, the suspect individual had posted several videos on YouTube in which he delivered long political tirades, in particular criticizing the mayor of New York Eric Adams.

“There have been posts that could be related to the person we are interested in, where he mentions the homeless, where he mentions New York, where he mentions Mayor Adams,” the NYPD chief had confirmed.

Terror in the middle of the rush hour

The author of the shooting sowed terror in the metro, in the middle of rush hour. The individual waited for the train to be between two stations to put on a gas mask and trigger two smoke grenades. He then opened fire, firing 33 times.

Photos and amateur videos show pools of blood and people lying on the floor of a subway train, as well as on the platform of the “36th Street” station, in the Brooklyn district, in a smoky atmosphere.

According to information from Elisabeth Guédel, CNEWS correspondent in New York, the individual left in his flight, his firearm and a bag containing a small axe, two smoke bombs and fireworks.

The attack took place as New York City has faced a spike in crime since the Covid-19 pandemic. Elected on security promises, the new Democratic mayor of New York, Eric Adams, launched a plan at the end of January to fight against the proliferation of firearms. But other gun dramas have made headlines since.

From January 1 to early April 2022, the number of shootings and shootings in New York City increased from the same period in 2021, from 260 to 296, according to NYPD figures released last week.