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Vaccine pass: Which European countries are already affected?


Jean Castex announced, Friday, December 17, wanting to submit a bill in order to “transform the health pass into a vaccine pass”. France is not the first European country to take this step.

Several countries have already taken this step. In Estonia and Latvia, for example, proof of vaccination must be presented to access bars, restaurants or cultural and sporting places.

This measure also applies in Ireland, the Czech Republic, Malta and Greece where a PCR test or a negative antigen test is no longer sufficient to obtain the health pass.

Special conditions

Other countries have also adopted a vaccination pass, but with special conditions. In Germany, for example, the Länder have to decide whether they want to apply this measure at the local level. In Romania, a curfew is in effect from 10 p.m., except for people who are vaccinated.

Finally Austria, which had reconfigured its population almost a month ago, has decided to impose vaccination for all from next February.