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In Boutcha, French gendarmes investigate Russian abuses


A month after the withdrawal of Russian forces and the discovery of the bodies in the streets of Boutcha, a few kilometers from kyiv, a team of French gendarmes landed in the city to investigate the crimes committed by the Kremlin.

After the atrocity denounced by the international community, it is time for an investigation. About fifteen members of the French Gendarmerie arrived in Boutcha on Tuesday April 12 to help the Ukrainian authorities find out the truth about what really happened in this city.

The mission of the French gendarmes is to examine the bodies of victims during the Russian occupation and define the real cause of death in order to help the International Criminal Court in its investigation into Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

“Proud to welcome to Lviv the detachment of technical and scientific gendarmes who have come to assist their Ukrainian comrades in the investigations of war crimes committed around kyiv. France, the first to provide such aid. They will be at work tomorrow. Solidarity,” wrote Etienne de Poncins, the French ambassador to Ukraine, on Twitter.

In the photo shared by the ambassador, we see a white truck behind the gendarmes and marked “DNA mobile laboratory”. Thanks to this, the brigade will be able to analyze the bodies of the victims and collect as much information as possible. They are also accompanied by two medical examiners to identify the corpses.

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