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Covid-19: Jean Castex announces the suspension of the vaccine pass for March 14


SOn the set of the 1 p.m. newspaper of TF1, Jean Castex announced, this Thursday March 3, that wearing a mask would no longer be compulsory in all places where it was from Monday March 14, with the exception of transport in common and medical establishments, for example nursing homes.

The Prime Minister also indicated that the vaccination pass would be suspended on the same date. The health pass will however remain in force in medical establishments, such as hospitals and nursing homes, as well as the vaccination obligation which applies to caregivers, he specified.

The decline of the epidemic throughout the territory

“The situation is improving thanks to our collective efforts, thanks to the measures that we have taken (…), the conditions are met for a new phase of easing of the measures”, justified the head of government. The winter wave of Covid-19 has been in decline for several weeks. On average over seven days, the number of new cases of contamination stood at 53,152 on Wednesday evening, against more than 70,000 a week ago. The pressure is also reduced at the hospital, where 2,329 people are in critical care.

The government had so far mentioned a passage below the threshold of 1,500 patients in critical care by mid-March among the criteria for lifting all or part of the vaccination pass, in force since January 24.