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War in Ukraine: mothers of Russian soldiers invited to Kiev to look for their children


The Ukrainian army on Wednesday invited the mothers of Russian soldiers captured on its territory to pick them up. According to Kiev, dozens of men have been taken prisoner since the beginning of Moscow’s invasion of the country.

It was via a press release that the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced its decision to “return captured Russian soldiers to their mothers”.

To do this, the Kiev authorities published the phone numbers and an email through which mothers can obtain information about their sons.

In the event that the detention of their son is confirmed, Russian women are advised to travel to Poland and then enter Ukraine through a border crossing point.

“Ukrainians do not wage war against mothers”

“You will be welcomed and escorted to Kiev where your son will be returned to you,” said the Ukrainian ministry.

“Unlike Putin’s fascists, we Ukrainians are not waging war against mothers and their captured children,” he added.

This is not the first initiative developed by the Ukrainian authorities to help Russian families who want to hear from their children.

Indeed, last Sunday, a website, named “200rf.com”, was also launched. Its goal: to allow relatives of soldiers to be informed of the fate of the latter.

The platform includes photos of passports or military documents belonging to allegedly killed Russian soldiers.