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What drink to choose after sport?


VSComposed of 60% water, the human body eliminates approximately 2 liters of water per day through urine and perspiration. But during a sports practice, and according to the intensity of the effort and the surrounding heat, this water loss intensifies. It is therefore imperative to drink and ideally without waiting for the feeling of thirst, which should never be felt if you hydrate properly (with water as a priority), in small sips, before and during exercise.

And after sport, can we afford to ingest any drink (especially sugary ones!) on the pretext of having spent a lot of time and having eliminated a lot? Nay! You should know that sodas, industrial fruit juices and other sugary drinks have the same effects on the silhouette, whether you are athletic or not: direction cells, for storage in the form of fat. Because these drinks total an impressive number of calories. Do your calculations! In a can of 250 ml (or a quarter of a liter), colas, for example, contain approximately 105 kcal or 10 sugar cubes, an industrial orange juice contains about 120 kcal or 12 sugar cubes.

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We tell ourselves that by taking an industrial iced tea, we are aiming for something healthier. Well, not really. Again, 70 kcal per can, or 6 sugar cubes counted. Attention, more sneaky, an industrial smoothie with fruits, but which one imagines more balanced, locks him, always in 250 ml, 135 kcal or 12 cubes of sugar whereas a yoghurt to drink with fruits, considered by many consumers as “good for health” displays 250 kcal, about 20 sugar cubes. Energy drinks are no better off: in addition to containing caffeine and taurine, two exciting substances, they contain 3 to 4 times more sugar than an exercise drink (so-called energy drink) i.e. 30 grams of sugar, which represents more than half of the recommended daily intake (50 g).

The right reflex: water, nothing but water

These drinks are totally inadvisable, as they are in no way suitable for sporting effort. They should not be confused with energy drinks, intended to fight against fatigue and dehydration and which, mainly composed of water, vitamins, minerals and sugar (11 pieces on average) are recommended during exercise and no later, exclusively for athletes doing long sessions (running for more than an hour, football match, bike ride for more than two hours, etc.).

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Conclusion: once your sports session is over, it is still and always recommended to drink… but water, especially bicarbonate mineralized water, rich in mineral salts, but without any calories, and this, as soon as you stop exercising. ‘sports activity. Because, as a reminder, water is the only drink essential to the body. However, for sweet taste addicts, why not prepare a “homemade” drink, adding fresh fruit (raspberries, strawberries, lemon slices) to your still water with a pinch of salt and a good spoonful of honey? , a “natural” sugar. Leave to infuse for a few hours before placing it in the refrigerator and here is a flavored water that will fulfill (without overloading your liver) its mission of “rehydration” and pleasure.

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