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When Ukraine trolls Russia


This Tuesday, December 7, Ukraine posted on its official Twitter account a meme illustrating living next to Russia. Although tensions continue to rise between the two countries, the troll has made many internet users laugh.

The meme, from a trend on Twitter, illustrates the different possible headaches, from migraine to stress to hypertension. But ultimately, the greatest pain is associated with the title “Living next to Russia” (“Living next to Russia” in French).

Currently, the tweet has 78,000 retweets and over 380,000 likes.

the official account of Ukraine This is not his first attempt since, last year, he had already “trolled” by quoting a tweet from Russia accompanied by the comment “Toxic ex here” (“Ex toxic”)

The situation is so amusing that the official Taiwan account hastened to do the same, titling “Living next to China”.

Mockery in times of great tension

Since 2014, with the annexation of Crimea by the Russians, relations between Moscow and Kiev have been more than difficult

In recent months, Russia has placed thousands of troops along the Ukrainian-Russian border, rekindling already existing tensions. On Wednesday, Vladimir Putin asserted that Russia had “the right to protect its security”. For him, letting NATO approach its borders without reacting would be “criminal”.

“Firm messages have been sent to Russia on the strategic and massive consequences that a new attack on the territorial integrity of Ukraine would have,” said the French Foreign Ministry.

For his part, Joe Biden excludes for the moment any military intervention. Nevertheless, in the event of a Russian attack, the American president guaranteed that he would provide the Ukrainians with “means of defense”.