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War in Ukraine: an oil depot pounded by the Russian army, the bombings are linked


Bombings continue in several cities in Ukraine. On the night of Monday to Tuesday March 8, an oil depot was notably pounded by the Russian army.

The images of the infrastructure in flames were broadcast by the Ukrainian channel Nexta TV, before being taken up en masse internationally.

The oil depot is located in Zhytomyr, a town about 150 km west of Kiev, the capital. The firefighters seemed powerless to fight the blaze.

According to Russian military spokesman Igor Konashenkov, Russian forces overnight also decommissioned a military airfield south of Zhytomyr.

Everywhere the same images

Here, as in other cities of the country, the Russian bombardments have not ceased during the last hours.

In Sumy, in the east of the country, for example, buildings were affected. Several civilians are said to have lost their lives, including children, in this town located about 360 km from Kiev. Near the capital, a church was also not spared from the strikes.

But the Russians are also and above all targeting strategic sites. In Kharkiv, the second city of the country, a nuclear research center, known to produce radioactive material for medical and industrial purposes, would also have been targeted in this regard. However, without radioactive consequences, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

In Odessa, the elderly welcomed in a monastery

However, fears of a nuclear disaster are still very strong after the Zaporizhia power plant saw one of its administrative buildings hit by strikes last Friday.

These scenes of desolation multiply as the Russian army advances. Several ceasefires were to be put in place on Tuesday in several cities to allow the evacuation of civilians via humanitarian corridors.