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War in Ukraine: here is the list of countries considered “hostile” by Russia


In response to the financial sanctions taken by the West against Russia, within the framework of the war in Ukraine, the Kremlin reacted by drawing up a list of so-called “hostile” countries.

This decision was taken in order to allow Russian debtors (persons, companies) to be able to reimburse creditors from the countries on the list with the rouble, the Russian currency, rather than a currency such as the dollar or the euro.

The countries concerned are:

– All those of the European Union (therefore, France)

– United States

– The United Kingdom

– Switzerland

– Ukraine


– Canada

– Australia

– Japan

– South Korea

– Montenegro

– Albania

– Andorra

– Iceland

– Liechtenstein

– Norway

– North Macedonia

– San Marino

– New Zealand

– Taiwan

– Singapore

– Micronesia.

Persons or companies from these countries to whom Russian counterparts owe money (in the context of commercial matters, for example), will therefore see the latter having the possibility of creating an account for them in a Russian bank and pay the amount they owe them, but in rubles.

However, this currency has experienced a huge devaluation since the war in Ukraine. A way for the Kremlin to respond to financial sanctions, allowing its citizens to repay as little as possible to the creditors of countries that it therefore considers “hostile”.