Home Health Covid-19: the psychological health of employees “remains very degraded”

Covid-19: the psychological health of employees “remains very degraded”


Ihe risks of burnout are still “extremely high”, two years after the crisis. The psychological health of employees “remains very degraded” and “pandemic fatigue” is felt, according to a survey carried out by OpinionWay for the firm Empreinte humaine and published on Wednesday. According to this survey conducted online from January 27 to February 11 with a representative panel of 2,001 employees, 41% say they are in “psychological distress”, including 13% in high distress.

Psychological distress is an indicator that “overlaps symptoms of both depression and exhaustion,” says Human Footprint. Women are more affected (47.5%, including 16.5% in high distress) as well as young people under 29 (54%, including 20% ​​in high distress). Burnout remains “at an extremely high level”, with 34% of employees affected, including 13% severely, or 2.5 million people. HR functions are particularly exposed, with 63% of employees in burnout, including 34% in a severe way.

Half of employees say they are exhausted by the pandemic

Despite the scale of the phenomenon, only 31% of employees declare “that there is a culture of psychosocial risk prevention in their company” and 50% say “that there are no people with official referent roles on the subject of psychosocial risk prevention with whom they can discuss their problem”. One in three employees, however, judges that their manager “has positive practices for their psychological well-being”.

Human Footprint also notes that “pandemic fatigue is setting in”: 67% of employees are tired of discussions on the Covid in the media, 55% are tired “by dint of following all the regulations and recommendations” and 35% “don’t have more desire to fight against the Covid “.