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War in Ukraine: according to the Pentagon, Russian troops are sabotaging themselves not to fight


According to the Pentagon, the morale of some Russian troops is down. Some soldiers would even go so far as to sabotage their equipment so as not to have to participate in combat.

At 10and day of the invasion, Russia continues to cause great damage in Ukraine. During the night of March 3 to 4, the bombings hit a nuclear power plant. If we can believe that the morale of the Russian army is in good shape, the story would not be the same on the ground.

According to the New York Times, relying on statements from a high-ranking Pentagon, many Russian soldiers preferred to give up. Some even went so far as to degrade their own equipment. Thus, vehicles would have been damaged by holes in the gas tanks. Also according to the American newspaper, the low stock of gasoline, food and a very low salary (25 dollars per month) would be three of the main causes.

Russian army surprised by Ukrainian resistance

The Russian army would also be surprised by the unexpected resistance of the Ukrainian soldiers. “It is more complicated to motivate Russian soldiers than to motivate Ukrainian soldiers who are defending their land,” General Christophe Gomart told Europe 1.

Moreover, the American media reports that many Russian soldiers face a lack of experience for such a large type of invasion.