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Fashion: sexist messages written on washing instructions


Millie Lusson, a young Canadian woman, compiled the images of sexist labels in a video on TikTok. Most are from men’s ready-to-wear brands.

In this video published at the end of November 2021, the young woman shows labels with washing instructions containing misogynistic words.

“If washing becomes absolutely necessary, entrust this task to your mom or your girlfriend, then go skateboarding”, “Washing instructions: give this sweater to your wife, it’s her job” or even “The dirty laundry keeps women busy ”.

time to check clothing for sexist labels #whythough #why #enoughisenough #thisneedstostop #genderstereotypes #thisisridiculous ♬ original sound – Thematically Meanderin ‘

The video, which has more than 926,000 views on TikTok, arouses the indignation of many Internet users. However, some are positioned on the side of the brands, believing that the labels “were jokes” and that some shown in the video are “more than six years old”.

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In view of these responses, Millie Lusson replied that “some labels date from 2018” and that in 2018, like six years ago, this type of talk was already “unacceptable and misogynistic”.

In addition, the Canadian called on her subscribers to check their clothes because they “may own some whose labels include such messages”.

In recent years, several ready-to-wear brands for men have been criticized for conveying sexist messages about household chores.

In 2018, Ellen Wallwork, a columnist for the Huffington Post had already written on this subject: “We thought that the days of sexist jokes about the laundry which is mom’s job and men unable to use a washing machine were over. washing machine, but apparently some have not changed. “

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