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Variant Omicron: what measures taken in Europe?


France is not the only country in Europe to take new measures against the Omicron variant. But while some countries have imposed more stringent restrictions, others have on the contrary remained more flexible.

On the Old Continent, the States are therefore not all in the same boat to counter the advance of the new strain of the coronavirus.

First of all, some countries have taken decisions relatively similar to those implemented in France.

This is the case of Spain, Greece and Italy, which have made the wearing of a mask compulsory in city centers.

The Italian case is a little more specific since the FFP2 mask is made compulsory for taking public transport as well as for going to a performance hall or to the museum.

Stricter Netherlands and Portugal

However, in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus, some European countries have taken stronger decisions than in France.

This is the case of the Netherlands which made the choice to confine their population or of Belgium which decided to close its cinemas and theaters. For its part, Ireland is enforcing a curfew in bars and restaurants.

In Portugal, several measures have been taken. Bars and nightclubs have been closed, teleworking has been made compulsory and school holidays have been extended.

Germany and England more flexible

However, some other countries have taken measures which appear to be weaker than in France.

This is for example the case of Germany which has only reinforced its vaccination pass and closed its discotheques.

In England, the mask is only required in public places and only a health pass is required to participate in major events.

In the case of Austria and Denmark, it is now necessary for vaccinated people to present a negative test in order to be able to enter the territory.