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United States: the impressive images of the tornado that hit Louisiana


On the evening of March 22, a major tornado ripped through part of New Orleans, killing at least one person. Other tornadoes crossing the southern United States had hit Texas earlier.

Hit New Orleans, the largest city in the state of Louisiana, the tornado destroyed scores of homes, ripped out power lines and overturned cars. It scattered and hurled the debris into a part of the city that was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina 17 years ago.

Lannah Melerine, an employee living in Chalmette in the suburbs of New Orleans, filmed the violent thunderstorm which swirled in the darkened sky and was unleashed on the neighboring district of Arabi.

Shortly after, his video showed the extent of this natural disaster. Several blocks of houses located in the east of the city bore the scars of the passage of the tornado, namely uprooted trees, debris of all kinds scattered in the streets and a damaged and overturned electric pole.

A very affected district of new orleans

Located in the eastern suburbs of New Orleans, the Arabi district was the most affected by the disaster.

A message posted on Facebook by the sheriff’s office in St. Bernard Parish, which includes multiple locations, said “significant damage to homes has been reported in Arabi” and that “rescue operations are underway to come to the rescue.” helps people trapped in their homes.

The president of the parish of St. Bernard told WDSU, the local television station, “at least one person was killed in Arabi”.

“State departments are helping local officials assess the damage and impact of this tornado,” tweeted Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards.

A series of storms crossing the south of the country is at the origin of this tornado. Others have been observed in Oklahoma but also in eastern Texas, especially near Austin, causing significant destruction.