Home News Sudan: two anti-coup protesters killed by security forces in Khartoum

Sudan: two anti-coup protesters killed by security forces in Khartoum


Two protesters hostile to the military power in Sudan were killed on Sunday as they marched in Omdurman, in the northwestern suburbs of Khartoum.

The pro-democracy doctors’ union which announced the deaths of the protesters also said one of them was shot in the chest.

The second death on Sunday suffered “a violent blow to the head which broke his skull”, specify these doctors while the security forces regularly beat demonstrators with sticks.

In a ballet now running, the authorities first tried, in vain, to kill the mobilization in the bud by erecting physical and virtual barriers. Khartoum has been cut off from its suburbs for several days by containers placed across bridges over the Nile.

Internet and cell phones have not been connected since Sunday morning and, on the main roads, security forces perched on armored vehicles armed with heavy machine guns keep watch on passers-by.

Sudan facing a democratic crisis

Thousands of Sudanese have nevertheless responded to the call of activists to demonstrate “in memory of the martyrs”, facing tear gas canisters in front of the presidential palace in Khartoum, where the transitional authorities headed by General Burhane now sit. , and live ammunition in Omdourman, in the northwestern suburbs.

All afternoon, the partisans of a civil power chanted by the thousands “the soldiers to the barracks” and “the power to the people”, while young people on motorcycles crisscrossed the crowd to evacuate the wounded because at each mobilization, the ambulances were blocked by the security forces.

Man is close to Egyptian power

Activists are calling for 2022 to be “the year of continued resistance”, demanding justice for the protesters killed. Since General Abdel Fattah al-Burhane’s coup in Sudan on October 25, 56 demonstrators have been killed and hundreds injured.