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Rise in fuel prices: two French oil depots blocked


VS’is a direct action that aims to denounce the soaring price of gasoline and diesel in recent days. The oil depots of Lorient and Brest were blocked this Tuesday, March 15 in the morning by carriers, farmers or even fishermen to denounce the rise in fuel prices, we learned from concordant sources.

In Brest, pallets and wood trunks were burning in front of the depot and several posters were displayed, on which it was written in particular “diesel too expensive, boat ashore” or “diesel too expensive, we have it in the back”, noted a journalist from Agence France-Presse. About 200 people, including a hundred fishermen, were present on site and about forty machines (trucks, tractors) were parked near the depot, according to the same source.

In Morbihan, in Lorient, “there is a blockage by transporters, fishermen, public works, farmers,” Marc Lhonoré, director of the oil depot, told Agence France-Presse. “I don’t know how long it will last,” he added. Contacted, the Morbihan prefecture was unable to provide more details.

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“When you have to put 800 euros more diesel per week, inevitably, it stings”

On site, Norbert Guillou, president of the Morbihan branch of the National Chamber of Public Works and Landscape Craftsmen (CNATP), told Agence France-Presse by telephone that there were 200 people and a hundred trucks and vehicles. “There are truckers, taxis, fishermen, farmers, paramedics, fishermen… Everyone who uses fuel,” he said.

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“We will stay until the government makes the right decision and freezes taxes. Because we have fallen below the break-even point, everyone is working at a loss. If we have to stay ten days, we will stay ten days”, he assured, recalling that this deposit had been blocked for 18 days in 2018 and ten days in 2019 to request the maintenance of “Off-road diesel” ( GNR) for professionals.

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Monday afternoon, around forty road hauliers gathered in front of the prefecture of Brittany in Rennes, at the call of the National Federation of Road Transporters (FNTR), to denounce the rise in fuel prices. “When you have to put 800 euros more diesel per week, inevitably, it stings. I think that in three months, if measures are not taken quickly, it’s over for me, who has five vehicles, but also for others who have more vehicles, “said Nicolas. G., road haulier based in Morbihan.

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