Home News Rihanna: A$AP Rocky arrested in Los Angeles for a shooting last November

Rihanna: A$AP Rocky arrested in Los Angeles for a shooting last November


Returning from a trip to Barbados, A$AP Rocky, rapper and companion of Rihanna, was seen in handcuffs this Wednesday morning at the Los Angeles airport. He is suspected of being involved in a shooting that occurred last November.

A revelation made by the magazine TMZ, citing witnesses on the spot. They evoke an arrest while the future dad had joined the United States aboard a private jet. He was reportedly taken away by the police as soon as he arrived.

The couple spent several days in Barbados. No mention was made of Rihanna, who is currently in her third trimester, and the rapper may have walked home alone.

A “dispute between two acquaintances”

The facts in question date back to November 6, 2021. A$AP Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, is suspected of having taken part in a “dispute between two acquaintances”, during which “the suspect fired a weapon fist on the victim”.

The latter, who suffers from minor injuries, is not named by the police. For now, the rapper’s lawyer has not spoken about this arrest.

In August 2019, A$AP Rocky was already sentenced to a suspended prison sentence for violence, after a street fight in Stockholm, Sweden.

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