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Covid-19: the number of infections continues to decline


LCovid-19 contaminations continue to decline, accompanied by a slight stagnation in hospitalizations for a few days, according to official figures published on Sunday April 17. Over the past 24 hours, the French public health agency has recorded 86,650 cases of Sars-CoV-2 virus infections. This figure is not very representative on the weekend, since fewer people are tested, but down compared to the previous Sunday (more than 107,000 cases). Same trend by calculating the seven-day average which stands at 117,664, versus 135,646 a week ago.

This ebb of contaminations is accompanied by a very slight ceiling in hospitalizations for a few days, when they had started to rise sharply since the beginning of April. There are currently 24,922 Covid patients treated in French hospitals, including 315 new admissions, compared to 24,894 patients hospitalized the day before and 23,626 the previous Sunday.

The number of critical care patients on the rise

Among these patients, 1,636 are treated in critical care services which take care of the most serious cases of Covid. Slightly more than Saturday (1,630), but more than a week ago (1,562). In the past 24 hours, 29 people have died from the disease, bringing the total death toll to 144,157 since the outbreak began more than two years ago.

Some 54.30 million French people have received at least one dose of vaccine (80.5% of the total population) and 53.39 million are fully vaccinated (79.2% of the total population). In addition, 40.70 million people received at least one booster dose.