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Morocco: After the tragedy of Rayan, another child found dead in a well


A new drama similar to Rayan’s happened in Morocco. Khalid, a 7-year-old child, lost his life after falling into a well.

The accident took place in the municipality of Tiflet, in the province of Khémisset. The child was playing near the well 40 meters deep used to supply drinking water. He fell in without anyone noticing and drowned, the Hespress reported.

The little boy, with Down syndrome, was discovered by his parents, worried about his disappearance. Subsequently, the regional command of the Royal Gendarmerie and several local officials went to the site. They participated in the recovery of the body of Khalid, which was transported to the morgue of Khemisset hospital.

An autopsy must take place to determine the cause of death. An investigation has also been opened.

Falls into wells are common in Morocco. The accident of little Rayan, who died five days after his fall into a dry well 32 meters deep, had moved an entire country and even France.

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King Mohamed VI had also called the parents of the child following the tragedy.

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