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Italy: Antivax refuse to allow their seriously ill child to receive vaccinated blood


The parents of a 2-year-old child suffering from heart disease wanted to cancel an operation, refusing any blood donation from a donor vaccinated against Covid-19.

While they had to sign the consent to any blood transfusion for the operation of their child at the pediatric cardiology department of the polyclinic of Bologna (Italy), the parents backtracked.

Deeply hostile to the vaccine against Covid-19, the latter believed in a theory indicating that a dose of vaccine could be transmitted by a blood transfusion.

Convinced by this thesis, they then sought donors among their entourage, through discussions on the Telegram application.

Doctors step up

Following this refusal by the parents, the doctors treating the child lodged an appeal before a tutelary judge at the Modena court. They believe “that the planned surgery could not be postponed given the criticality of the situation”.

The latter tried to resonate with the parents by indicating that it was “urgent” to hospitalize the child.

However, according to the latest information relayed by the Corriere Della Sera, the judge would be won over to the family’s opinion.

A legal position that prompted the president of the National Federation of Medical Orders to appeal to parents. He asked them to trust the doctors treating their son.

Adding that the “protocols which regulate donations do not allow the donor to be chosen” and that there was “no danger in receiving blood from donors vaccinated against Covid-19”.