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Jordan: fight in Parliament after debate on gender equality


A fight broke out between several Jordanian deputies who came to blows Tuesday, during a session of the Parliament. MEPs clashed after heated debates on gender equality in the context of constitutional reform.

The government wishes to amend the Constitution, and in particular to include the mention “Jordanian women” in Chapter II entitled “Rights and duties of Jordanians” which relates in particular to the equal rights of citizens.

Several deputies opposed this modification, deeming it “unnecessary”, according to the al-Mamlaka channel which broadcast the session. The deputy Raed Smeirat strongly opposes it, he declared: “It is * eib * for us to add the word Jordaniennes”, using an Arabic term connoted very negatively which could be connected in this context with “shame” or “dishonor”.

These remarks angered the head of Parliament Abdelkarim al-Daghmi who demanded an apology. Another deputy, Suleiman Abou Yahya, for his part asked Abdelkarim al-Daghmi to adjourn the session but he refused, attracting a “You do not understand anything!” from the deputy.

Brawl broadcast live on television

The head of parliament then asked him to leave the room, then a fight broke out between several deputies, according to images broadcast live, as Abdelkarim Daghmi left the assembly. The session was then postponed to Wednesday.

Other constitutional amendments that must be debated include the creation of a “National Security Council”, the reduction of the mandate of the head of parliament from two years to one year.

The Constitution, promulgated in 1952 by the grandfather of King Abdullah II, has already been amended 29 times, past amendments according to experts having given more powers to the king to the detriment of the legislature.