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Gunman arrested inside US Congress grounds


A man was arrested this Thursday, December 9 in Washington in the compound of the United States Congress with a pistol in his bag. Capitol police have opened an investigation.

At around 7.40 am local time (12.30 pm in France), the authorities “spotted a gun on their X-ray scanner”, they said in a statement.

Its owner was “located four minutes later and arrested”.

He is a 57-year-old man, working at the Capitol. The latter told the police that he had left his gun in his bag.

A flaw in the security system

An investigation was opened to understand why this individual was not arrested as soon as he passed through the security gate.

Indeed, anyone entering the Congress grounds must be searched and pass through a security gate with an X-ray scanner.

This incident took place just hours before Joe Biden went to the Capitol for a ceremony in honor of Bob Dole, ex-Republican senator, who died last Sunday at the age of 98.