Home News Ghislaine Maxwell would be convinced that Jeffrey Epstein was assassinated

Ghislaine Maxwell would be convinced that Jeffrey Epstein was assassinated


Guest of the Americano podcast of the British site Spectator, Ian Maxwell, the older brother of Ghislaine Maxwell, has hinted that his sister was convinced of the murder of Jeffrey Epstein.

In a 24-minute conversation, Ian Maxwell was asked about the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein in his New York prison in August 2019. Ghislaine Maxwell’s older brother began by discussing the death of their father, press mogul Robert Maxwell, died aboard his yacht in 1991, found drowned after suffering a heart attack.

“I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories. But one of those theories is about my father and would like him to have been killed rather than having died accidentally. Of all my brothers and sisters, Ghislaine is the only one who is convinced that he was murdered. And I would risk thinking that she thinks Epstein was also killed, ”says Ian Maxwell.

Last July, a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell told the British site The Sun that she had received death threats before being arrested, and that she was convinced that Jeffrey Epstein had been murdered in prison. A death that indeed seems suspicious in the eyes of Ian Maxwell.

“I’m not quite convinced myself that he took his own life. It has not been very well explained, the way a man monitored 24 hours a day manages to kill himself in a high security American prison, ”he says. If he explains not having seen his sister since June 2019, Ian Maxwell says that the whole family has supported him, and that they remain in contact with her through their respective lawyers. According to him, the American justice did not respect the presumption of innocence of Ghislaine Maxwell, who would have become the scapegoat for the case since the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial is ongoing in New York. She is accused of sexual exploitation of dozens of minors and is suspected of having played the role of “tout”. She faces life imprisonment.