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Vladimir Putin reveals that he was a taxi driver during the fall of the USSR


In a documentary dedicated to the fall of the USSR, Vladimir Putin, the current Russian president, revealed that he was a taxi driver in his youth, in addition to his job as a secret agent.

Then KGB secret service agent, Vladimir Poutine suffered this fall of the Soviet empire in 1991. He suffered personally, but also economically.

Indeed, this demise has resulted in a period of economic instability, plunging many people into poverty. “Sometimes I had to earn a little extra money,” Vladimir Putin said in the documentary, explaining that he occasionally worked as a taxi driver to increase his income.

If Vladimir Poutine admitted that mentioning this profession of private driver was “unpleasant”, it nevertheless reflected the economic reality experienced by a large number of his fellow citizens.

“A great catastrophe”

A loyal servant of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Putin was dismayed when she collapsed, one day calling the collapse “the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century.”

Russia was the center of the Soviet Union which grew to include 15 republics, stretching from the Baltic countries in the west to central Asia.

In 1991, shaken by economic difficulties, the Soviet Union disintegrated and Russia became an independent nation.