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Fuel prices are soaring


Lhe subject is explosive. The liter of diesel reached 1.6854 euros on average, according to weekly figures from the Ministry of Ecological Transition arrested on Friday. This is 1.50 cents more than the previous week, and almost 15 cents than in 2018 just before the appearance of the yellow vests movement. The liter of super SP95 was worth 1.7654 euros (+1.90 cents) and that of SP 95-E10 1.7328 euros (+1.26 cents).


Prices at the pump have steadily increased in recent weeks in the wake of oil prices, driven by geopolitical tensions and the still limited supply from major producing countries. On Monday, the barrel of Brent from the North Sea thus reached a peak at 94.00 dollars per barrel, a new record for more than 7 years. A few months before the presidential election, this situation is a headache for the government, while purchasing power is threatened by inflation in several sectors (energy, food, etc.) Last aid measure in date: a boost for middle-class workers, with a 10% increase in the mileage allowance scale for taxable households declaring their professional expenses.