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France soon deprived of Facebook and Instagram?


Lhe threat hangs over the French network. Digital giant, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta company, which includes social networks Facebook and Instagram as well as WhatsApp and Messenger, says it is worried about a probable tightening of the general regulations on the protection of personal data and is therefore threatening to close the company. access to all its services in Europe. In a document (relayed by BFMTV this Monday, February 7), sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which acts as the American policeman of the financial markets, this heavyweight of the Web expresses its anger.

Indeed, its Irish subsidiary, responsible for all European activities, is the subject of an investigation carried out by an equivalence of the Cnil. The conclusions of this investigation should be known soon, “during the first half of 2022”.

Accused of transferring the personal data of European users to American servers, going beyond the laws of the Old Continent, Meta therefore fears being sanctioned by more protective regulations, new contractual clauses. “If a new framework for transatlantic data transfer is not adopted and if we cannot rely on the standard contractual clauses or on alternative means of data transfer between Europe and the United States, we will probably be unable to offer our main products and services in Europe, including Facebook and Instagram,” the company said in its statement.

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The war between the European Union and Facebook’s parent company has been going on for several years, the latter defying the summons of the former by flirting with illegality. The vague terms of use of several of its products, such as WhatsApp, regularly raise questions. Sometimes left unclarified.