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Elon Musk offers to turn Twitter headquarters into a homeless shelter… before deleting his tweet


Recently shareholder of Twitter, the American businessman Elon Musk has multiplied the proposals, sometimes wacky, to improve the social network.

In a tweet published this Sunday, the boss of SpaceX proposed via a poll to transform the premises of Twitter in San Francisco into a shelter for the homeless, “given that nobody works there anyway”.

Nearly 91% of users answered in the affirmative. But the next day, the tweet was gone. It seems that this message is a new “joke” of the whimsical billionaire.

Since the announcement of his entry into the capital of Twitter up to 9.2%, Elon Musk has multiplied more or less serious proposals.

He notably suggested creating an “edit” button to correct a tweet after publication or even deleting the letter “w” in “Twitter”, “titter” meaning laughter in English.

Accustomed to controversy

This is not the first time that Elon Musk has dangled a charity action without following up. In November 2021, he said he was ready to donate 6 billion dollars (some 5.5 billion euros at today’s rate) against world hunger if he was told how this money would be used. Despite the response from the director of the UN Food Programme, he had not made any donations.

Accustomed to controversial outings on Twitter, Elon Musk caused controversy last February by posting a montage comparing Justin Trudeau to Hitler, when the Canadian Prime Minister was fighting against the “freedom convoy” which was blocking the capital Ottawa.

This Monday, Elon Musk once again created a surprise by giving up his seat on the board of directors of Twitter, a place that had been promised to him since he became the largest shareholder of the social network.