Home News A robot-dog will protect the archaeological site of Pompeii

A robot-dog will protect the archaeological site of Pompeii


The “Spot” robot dog was deployed in Pompeii (Italy) to protect the archaeological site. The device’s mission is to monitor the ancient city day and night to fight against looting.

The device, developed by Boston Dynamics, is still in the experimental phase. The process would currently be in the data collection phase, in order to help “Spot” fully carry out its mission.

The abilities of the robot dog will be useful against antiquities looters. Indeed, he would be able to crisscross the underground galleries, often difficult to access but borrowed by thieves. Loaded with sensors, “Spot” can identify obstacles and even open doors.

In all, it can carry up to 14 kilos on its back and withstand temperatures between -20 and 45 degrees Celsius.

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A robot abandoned by the New York police

If it makes its appearance in the ancient city, “Spot” was once used by the New York police. The contract between the “NYPD” and the company Boston Dynamics was nevertheless broken.

NYPD intelligence and counter-terrorism chief John Miller said the decision was linked to the robot becoming “a target” for opponents.

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