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Diego Maradona: A seaside club pays tribute to him by decorating a swimming pool with his portrait


In Argentina, a beach establishment in Mar del Plata recently honored the memory of Diego Maradonal in an original and surprising way to say the least. Indeed, for a few days, the bottom of its heated swimming pool has been adorned with a gigantic painting representing the face of the legendary Argentine footballer.

Measuring ten meters long by ten wide, this giant face of Diego Maradona was the attraction of the launch of the summer season at the Balneario 12 club, located on the beach of Punta Mogotes, in the famous Argentine seaside resort.

This “underwater” painting attracted attention and surprised the inhabitants of Mar del Plata as well as the vacationers passing through, who came to the beach to enjoy the temperatures of the southern summer.

Since the death of Diego Maradona in November 2020, the owners of this seaside club have sought a new way to pay tribute to the football star and they then had the idea of ​​making a fresco at the bottom of a swimming pool. of the club. To paint it, they brought in Nanu Aleksandruk aka Nanuartt, a local artist who worked tirelessly to finish it before the start of the summer season. Under the design of the famous number 10, a legend was painted indicating his year of birth, 1960, and instead of the year of his death, there is the symbol ∞ which represents infinity.

Many lots did not find buyers during the auction.

This work of art was painted in black on the blue background of one of the heated swimming pools of this seaside establishment frequented for several decades by Argentine sportsmen in activity or retirees. And Diego Maradona was one of them, as Augusto Di Giovanni, one of the owners of the Balneario 12, recalled, posting on Instagram a photo dated February 2006 of him posing with the legend of the football.

“Life without you is not life”, he wrote by way of introduction before relating Maradona’s first visit to Balneario 12 and concluding his post with his words: “Diego we miss you” .