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Florida signs law creating anti-voter fraud police


The Republican governor of the American state of Florida, Ron DeSantis, signed a bill on Monday aimed at creating a police unit dedicated to the fight against electoral fraud.

Voting legislation has been a priority for the governor, and the Republican Party more generally, since former President Donald Trump said the presidential election that lost him in 2020 was rigged and cast doubt the electoral system.

Considered a potential candidate for the White House for the Republican Party in 2024, Ron DeSantis judged that, even if the last local elections went well, additional rules were necessary to prevent fraud.

He suggested that law enforcement may not have the means and equipment to investigate cases of fraud.

A “useless” law for the Democrats

The bill therefore provides for a unit of 25 police officers united in an Election Crimes Bureau, under the aegis of the Office of the Secretary of State to examine voting irregularities or illegalities. It also strengthens penalties for certain electoral crimes.

For their part, the Democrats believe that this kind of bill is useless and can comfort voters who believe that the election of Joe Biden was rigged. “DeSantis’ so-called election reform legislation is an ongoing attack by the Republican Party to generate public distrust in the integrity of our elections. This bill is unnecessary and a waste of taxpayers’ money,” Democratic Rep. Tracie Davis told The Associated Press.

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