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Climate: a new global strike organized today


At the initiative of the Fridays for Future movement, a new day of youth mobilization for the climate takes place this Friday, March 25, with many demonstrations and rallies organized all over the world.

This great movement is a continuation of the climate marches launched by the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. “The catastrophic climate scenario we live in is the result of centuries of exploitation and oppression by colonialism, extractivism and capitalism, an essentially flawed socio-economic model that urgently needs to be replaced,” laments the Fridays for Future movement in a press release calling for mobilization.

The French branch of the movement affirmed to support the world strike this Friday “to remind during this pre-election period that the living must always take precedence over profit”. Environmental activists also support this global strike with the slogan “#PeopleNotProfit” (“people and not profits”, in French).

Catastrophic conclusions of the latest IPCC report

A mobilization supported by a certain number of French personalities, such as the actress Lucie Lucas, the director, author and activist Cyril Dion, the European deputy Karima Delli or the CNRS researcher and member of the Giec Wolfgang Cramer, who co-signed a tribune published on franceinfo to call on young people to act. “Each generation has its fight. Here is yours. The climate crisis is a crucial issue that requires radical measures, which is why the youth, in a movement coordinated on a global scale, chose to strike on Friday March 25”, they expressed in this text. “Today, climate change is a reality and combating it must be our priority. Together, let’s choose the right fight. Our fight, against deforestation, against pollution and mass extinction, is a universal fight,” they said.

A climate emergency that resonates all the more since the publication of the last part of the IPCC report on February 28, which reports on the devastating consequences of climate change, which have already become reality in several areas of the planet. For example, a billion people could live, by 2050, in coastal areas threatened by rising waters. According to the report, between 3.3 and 3.6 billion people in the world – half of humanity – are in a situation of very high vulnerability to climate change.

Many gatherings are therefore taking place this Friday in France, in particular at 2 p.m. Place du Panthéon in Paris, at the same time at the Miroir d’eau in Nantes, or even Place Bellecour in Lyon. In other French cities, demonstrations will also take place tomorrow, Saturday March 26, in particular in Marseilles, Belfort or Brest.