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War in Ukraine: Russia calls on its supporters to display the “Z” sign this Friday


It has become the symbol of support for the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army and its President Vladimir Putin. The “Z” sign has been seen on Russian tanks many times. Moscow is now calling on its supporters to exhibit it this Friday.

The appeal, intended for all people in the world who support Russia and its head of state, was launched on TikTok, reports Le Figaro. This Friday, March 25 at 5 p.m., people are asked to display the letter “Z” in their window or on their car. Drivers are also asked to honk their horn for one minute.

The “Z” has become a patriotic symbol used by Moscow’s communication to mobilize its support. Friday, March 18, during the celebration of eight years of the annexation of Crimea, in Moscow, while many political personalities, sportsmen and artists followed one another on stage, tens of thousands of spectators waved Russian flags struck with the ” Z».

New Russian Propaganda Tool

In the streets of the Russian capital, it is now possible to see this symbol plastered everywhere: on official buildings, souvenir shops, taxis and even on clothes.

As CNEWS reported on March 18, at present, the precise meaning of the letter “Z” has not been formally established and the intelligence services, especially the American ones, are doing everything possible to decipher it.

The scope taken by the symbol is in any case exploited by the Russian government, as noted by Le Figaro. The Ministry of Defense uses the sign to support its communication on social networks.

It goes even further because instructions have been passed to the main institutions of the country to promote it, especially in schools.

On social networks, videos of students performing flash mobs or gatherings to form a “Z” are shared.