Home News Zimbabwe: 35 killed in bus accident en route to Easter rally

Zimbabwe: 35 killed in bus accident en route to Easter rally


A horrific bus crash killed 35 people and injured 71 in Zimbabwe on Friday. Police said the vehicle was carrying worshipers heading to a religious gathering over the Easter weekend in the southeastern town of Chipinge.

“An accident happened during the night. The death toll so far is 35 and 71 injured,” said police spokesman and deputy commissioner Paul Nyathi.

According to the first elements of the investigation, “the bus was overloaded”. He veered off the road and then crashed into a ravine as he drove between Chimanimani and Masvingo.

You should know that in Zimbabwe, buses usually have a capacity of 60 to 75 people.

Joshua Sacco, a lawyer from the area where the tragedy took place, went to the scene and found that the bus had rolled over several times before the roof was torn off.

He said over the phone: “The passengers were ejected from the bus. There were corpses and wounded on the spot. He also said that children were among the victims.

On board the vehicle were members of the Sion Christian Church. The police spokesman, however, said “as church people, they should lead by example, but they were traveling at night, which we do not recommend”.

Indeed, road accidents occur frequently in Zimbabwe, caused by the state of the roads, which are in poor condition and mostly filled with potholes.