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Windsor Castle: the intruder arrested on Christmas day wanted to assassinate the Queen


A man has been arrested for breaking into the grounds of Windsor Castle armed with a crossbow. Interned in psychiatry, the individual declared that he wanted to assassinate Queen Elisabeth II in retaliation for the massacre of Amritsar in India in 1919.

Used to spending the holidays in Sandringham in the east of England, the Queen gave it up this time because of the rise of Covid-19 and the Omicron variant. This year, Elisabeth II was spending Christmas in the territory of Winsdor Castle, on the outskirts of London. It was then that a man entered the scene, armed with a crossbow.

The weapon does not require any license or registration in the UK. “We can confirm that the security procedures were triggered a few moments after the man entered the site and that he did not enter any building,” said the police, according to AFP columns.

Following a report, the 19-year-old man and resident of Southampton was arrested by the Thames Valley Police before he could do any damage, he was also provided with a ladder and a rope to cross the metal barriers.

In a video made public by the tabloid The Sun, the man wearing a black hoodie and white mask said he was going to “attempt to assassinate Queen Elisabeth II”

Likewise, the individual presents himself as a Sikh Indian and says he is seeking “revenge” for a massacre committed in 1919 by British troops against demonstrators in India. Without confirming the authenticity of these images, the London police indicated that “investigators are evaluating the content of a video”.

The 95-year-old queen was having her first holiday season since the death of her husband Philip in April at the age of 99.