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War in Ukraine: what is the Aerorozvidka, the drone unit crushing Russian forces?


As Russia continues to invade Ukraine, Aerorozvidka, a specialized aerial reconnaissance unit within the Ukrainian military, is reportedly operating confidentially in an effort to repel the invading Russian forces.

An investigation carried out by the British newspaper The Times, published on March 18, has made it possible to lift the veil on this secret organization and to learn a little more about its functioning. Yaroslav Honchar, the commander of the unit based in kyiv, explains in particular their technique of attack.

Thus, when the Russian military stops overnight to rest, they generally place their tanks in the middle of dwellings, in villages, where conventional artillery cannot reach them. That’s when Aerorozvidka sends its elite drones modified and equipped with thermal cameras, piloted by dozens of squadrons.

A few days ago, the air unit had already destroyed dozens of “priority targets” such as tanks, command trucks and other vehicles in night raids, the newspaper said.

If today, Aerorozvika would carry out more than 300 missions per day, the unit is however not at its first attempt. Created in 2014 by civilians passionate about aeromodelling and by engineers following the war in eastern Ukraine, it then joined the Ukrainian armed forces thanks in particular to funding from a crowdfunding site ( crowdfunding).

Elon Musk in support

Recently, it was following a tweet from Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov to businessman Elon Musk that military operations took yet another turn. Like Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky before him, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister indeed asked the billionaire to give Ukraine access to its Starlink satellite system.

The request was accepted immediately, and it was on this same social network that Myklailo Fedorov did not fail to show his gratitude to the businessman.

“As Russia blocks internet access, Ukraine becomes more open to the world.”

This action means a lot to Ukraine as, thanks to Starkink, drone teams can operate independently of the power and internet outages that are currently raging across the country.

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In recent weeks, citizens and businesses across Europe have also donated drone parts and other equipment such as 3D printers to Ukraine to help build and repair aircraft damaged by Russian artillery. .