Home News War in Ukraine: the anguish of Ukrainian refugees in Poland

War in Ukraine: the anguish of Ukrainian refugees in Poland


Many Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Poland and are accommodated in camps. In total, no less than 660,000 people have already fled the country according to UN figures.

In Korczowa in Poland, a town near the western border with Ukraine, several hundred refugees have been flocking for two days, in buses escorted by the police and the army.

The Polish border town has opened a giant hangar, to allow people to rest. However, it is impossible to know exactly how many refugees have crossed the border, since some are walking from Ukraine, and do not pass through forests and fields.

Solidarity has already settled near this former shopping center reorganized into a camp for refugees, several firefighters take care of Ukrainians in a state of hypothermia, who crossed the border on foot in extreme temperatures (-6°).

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Cars volunteer to take refugees to other European cities such as Berlin, Germany.

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