Home News War in Ukraine: Roman Abramovich poisoned during peace negotiations?

War in Ukraine: Roman Abramovich poisoned during peace negotiations?


Roman Abramovich is involved in the peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. And the Russian oligarch, close to Vladimir Putin, would have been poisoned, like the other Ukrainian negotiators, during a meeting, according to the Wall Street Journal.

His life would not be in danger. But since an interview at the beginning of March in kyiv, to find a way out of the war led by Russia in Ukraine, Roman Abramovich has been suffering from symptoms following poisoning.

The businessman, owner of the Chelsea club he was forced to put up for sale, is said to have red eyes and constant tears. The skin on his face and hands also reportedly began to peel, causing severe pain. His state of health, as well as that of the other negotiators, would however tend to improve in recent days.

Viktoria Zeynep Gunes left Crimea in 2014.

Experts investigating these incidents were unable to determine whether these symptoms were caused by a chemical or biological agent or an electromagnetic radiation attack. Russian extremists are believed to be behind the alleged poisoning in an attempt to sabotage the talks and damage negotiations to end the war.