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War in Ukraine: Latvia allows its citizens to leave to fight


The Parliament of Latvia has authorized the citizens of its country to go and fight alongside the Ukrainians. A decision which echoes the call launched by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to create a unit of voluntary foreign fighters.

While economic sanctions are piling up against Russia, no military intervention is on the agenda on Ukrainian soil.

However, in order to respond positively to the request of some of its residents, the Saeima, the name given to Parliament, urgently removed the legislative obstacles which could have hindered the departure for combat.

In a special session to consider this new legislation, the bills were passed in fifteen minutes with no votes against, according to LSM, the Latvian public media.

The fighters will risk nothing

As a result, Latvians will no longer fear being brought to justice upon their return from Ukraine.

“Our citizens who want to support Ukraine and go there voluntarily to defend Ukraine’s independence and our common security must be able to do so,” said Juris Rancans, chairman of the Defense Committee, during the presentation of amendments.

Estonia and Lithuania, countries bordering Latvia, are also thought to allow citizens wishing to leave to defend Ukraine against the Russian invasion.

The three Baltic countries are often linked in their decisions.

They had also reacted quickly to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, blocking their respective airspaces and ceasing to issue Schengen visas to Russian nationals.