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War in Ukraine: for the head of NATO, the conflict could last “months, even years”


Faced with the stubbornness of Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine, the Secretary General of NATO warned about the longevity of this conflict, which could last “months, even years”.

Indeed, before the start of a meeting of Alliance Foreign Ministers, Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO, declared to his audience that it was necessary to be “realistic”. “War can last a long time, several months, even years.”

Faced with this eventuality, he invited the main opponents of this war to be ready “for a long journey, both in terms of supporting Ukraine, maintaining sanctions and strengthening our defenses”.

New penalties expected

A G7 meeting is scheduled at Alliance headquarters on the sidelines of the NATO meeting. The head of Japanese diplomacy Yoshimasa Hayashi will be present.

The strengthening of the sanctions imposed on Russia will be the main theme of this gathering.

“Ukraine urgently needs military support and that is why it is so important that NATO Allies agree to continue supporting Ukraine with many types of military equipment,” explained Jens Stoltenberg, believing that the aid already provided had had “a real effect”.

War in Ukraine: NATO prepares for chemical warfare

“Whatever the date of the end of the war, it will have long-term implications for our security. Because we have seen the brutality. We have seen President Putin’s willingness to use military force to achieve his goals. And that changed the reality of security in Europe for many, many years,” he added.

The various options for punishing Russia and supporting Ukraine will be discussed at the NATO summit on June 29 and 30 in Madrid.