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War in Ukraine: a CNN team targeted by Russian fire in full report (video)


While filming near the city of Mykolaiv, in southern Ukraine, a team of journalists from the American continuous news channel CNN was surprised by an attack by the Russian army. Equipped with helmets and bulletproof vests, the reporters immediately threw themselves to the ground.

They didn’t come very far from death.

Escorted by Ukrainian soldiers on April 4, the reporters, led by correspondent Ben Wedeman, were in a field when several Russian shells crashed near their position.

On the ground, however, the journalist asked his cameraman to continue filming.

“We took refuge, then two other shells fell, one of them about ten meters from one of our cars. So we ran towards the cars to try to get out of the area (…) because other shells could arrive. One of the two cars was completely destroyed”, described Ben Wedeman.

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Indeed, shrapnel had cracked the tires of one of the two vehicles. The side windows, the windshield and the fuel tank were also damaged.

If the CNN team is now safe and sound, the Russian offensive in Ukraine has already cost the lives of nine journalists.

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