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War in Ukraine: After Paris, a fictional video simulates bombings in Berlin


It was on the Twitter account entitled “Little Think Tank” that a video montage of Berlin under the bombs was relayed, on March 20, in support of Ukraine.

After Paris, it’s Berlin’s turn. Like the video that made the buzz a week ago, revealing a montage of Paris under the bombs, we watch the capital of Germany being attacked. The video opens with a young woman posing for a photo before the situation takes another turn.

Missiles then begin to bombard, by surprise, several buildings as well as emblematic places such as the Brandenburg Gate or the Fernsehturm tower.

The purpose of this fictitious video is of course to raise awareness of the Ukrainian cause and to convey the message that all Europeans are concerned. At the end of the video, we can read the following messages:

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“The war is getting closer/ Ukraine is fighting for values/stop Russian aggression, stand with Ukrain”

(War is near / Ukraine fights for its values ​​/ Stop Russian aggression / Support Ukraine)

A vast mobilization in Berlin

If Europe as a whole shows its support for Ukraine, Berlin is also very concerned. Moreover, the capital is positioned as the gateway to the European Union for Ukrainian refugees. Deutsche Bahn has chartered several special convoys to transport Ukrainians free of charge from the Polish border, in Frankfurt-on-Oder, and many Berliners are seen mobilizing to accommodate the arrivals fleeing the war, as reported by Les Echoes.

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