Home News War in Ukraine: a first repatriation of 400 Nigerians carried out

War in Ukraine: a first repatriation of 400 Nigerians carried out


A first group of 415 Nigerians who fled the Russian invasion in Ukraine were repatriated this Friday March 4 to their country, to the airport of Abuja, the capital, we learned from concordant sources.

This group, made up mostly of students, arrived in Abuja from Bucharest, the capital of Romania, one of the countries where many African students have fled.

The Nigerian nationals arrived with tired faces but looking relieved, an AFP journalist noted.

The government of Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, has chartered three planes from local companies Max Air and Airpeace in Europe to repatriate more than a thousand people.

Accusations of racism at Ukrainian borders

He announced that he had released 7.7 million euros for the repatriation of around 5,000 nationals.

Many African countries are stepping up efforts to help their nationals who have flocked to Poland and Romania in particular, against a backdrop of accusations of racism at the Ukrainian borders.

On Tuesday, a first group of 17 Ghanaian students had been repatriated to Accra, the capital of Ghana, of which more than 500 students managed to cross the Ukrainian borders to reach neighboring countries.

A total of one million refugees have fled Ukraine to neighboring countries since the Russian invasion began a week ago.