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Video: firefighters rescue deer stranded in frozen lake


Firefighters from the village of Angel Fire, New Mexico, United States, carried out a delicate rescue last Sunday. A deer got stranded in the middle of a frozen lake.

The ice of Lake Monte Verde, south of this hamlet popular with winter sports enthusiasts, gave way under the weight of the animal, which found itself stranded in the frozen water without being able to swim to the shore, British media The Independent reports.

Jarred Johnson, one of the firefighters on the team, and his colleague Eli Olson therefore rescued the deer. The first crawled very slowly to the animal, then was pulled to the shore by his colleague using a rope.

A delicate operation, since too sudden a movement could have been enough to break the surface of the frozen lake, and the firefighters would also have fallen into the water.

This operation was filmed and then broadcast on the social networks of the fire department of Angel Fire. “The deer was successfully rescued, brought back to land and given time to rest before being released, unharmed,” the firefighters said on their Facebook page.