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United Kingdom: a photo of Boris Johnson having a drink with collaborators in full confinement is controversial


As the UK is experiencing a more than worrying epidemic resurgence, a photo from May 2020 in which Prime Minister Boris Johnson is seen having a drink with Downing Street collaborators has emerged in the press.

The problem ? At that time, strict confinement was in force and groupings of individuals were prohibited. Already undermined by the resignation of his Brexit minister yesterday, Boris Johnson could emerge again weakened by this new controversy.

If for the time being, the Prime Minister’s spokesperson has justified this cliché by referring to a work meeting, the table is adorned with bottles of wine.

An element that is difficult to justify, in addition to the proximity between people, which goes completely against the barrier gestures advocated by the government in order to reduce the spread of covid-19.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke on television on Sunday evening.

Deputy Leader of the Labor Party Angela Rayner denounced a “slap in the face”, which should listen to a “Prime Minister who does not respect the own rules he puts in place for others”.

A case which is part of the continuity of the turnaround among the conservative deputies who were 99 out of 361 to vote against the covid plan deployed by the Prime Minister last Tuesday.

Especially since new measures could be taken by the end of the year to stem the progression of Omicron. The 100,000 daily covid-19 contamination mark is approaching dangerously in the United Kingdom, which recorded 93,045 new cases in 24 hours last Friday.

Not to mention the defeat in the local election in North Shropshire (central England), for which Boris Johnson had “assumed responsibility” as leader of the Conservative Party.