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Unhappy with the noise pollution in front of his house, he installs a fake radar


Disturbed by the noise pollution caused by the many cars passing at full speed in front of his home, a Belgian resident installed a fake radar.

Living not far from a road with heavy traffic in Stekene, the latter built a fake radar using images on the Internet and a sticker. “I downloaded some images from the Internet, and started working on them. Another neighbor printed the sticker of the Gatsomer company, which manufactures most of the radars in our country,” he told local media. It has long suffered from noise pollution from vehicles traveling well beyond the 50 km/h authorized in the area.

To make his radar even more realistic, this 57-year-old man installed a lamp which he activates to simulate a flash. “I’m going to sit behind the window on the top floor, I see speed freaks coming from afar”. What is worth to its radar to be reported on the famous GPS application, Waze.

This fake radar made with the means at hand is completely legal. Indeed, it was installed in his garden, which is part of his property. He therefore does not risk any criminal prosecution. He can even count on the support of the Belgian police who welcomed his gesture by rejoicing that this initiative could lead motorists to drive more slowly.